Ultima Replenisher

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Those who know me very well, know that I always carry my water jug everywhere I go. It’s always Isabel and her huge water bottle or hydro flasks. The hydrating bitch I might add (excuse my French). I’ve grown to love water so much, but as a runner we need more than just water. We need those extra minerals to fuel us and keep our bodies balanced. I have tried so many electrolytes in the past year some good, some bad and pun intended…..the ultimate best out there, the Ultima Replenisher brand of electrolytes. I can’t get over these. I have never tried a brand that is not only aesthetically pleasing but delicious too. I have taken these with me everywhere and honestly it is the only brand that I will gladly share and talk about. They truly are high quality and I have noticed a huge difference in the way I feel in terms of that extra boost and no cramps at night. I started leaving some packets in the car post runs when I go and meetup with my running group. I’m really impressed with the new flavors too! Appletini was my favorite. They had piña colada and the other flavor was peach Bellini. All of them were stellar but Appletini was truly my favorite one. I made these into slushees too when I was craving sweet and since I’m trying to eat pretty healthy, these definitely hit the spot. Highly recommend and my friends are now using them as well in my running group. I shared them and now they use them❤️. 


  1. I thought these were great, all the flavors :-)

  2. When you live in the desert, electrolytes are an absolute necessity! Sounds like Ultima Replenisher made this super easy for ya!


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